Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program for Health Coaches – Spring Evergreen 2021

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This is a completely done-for-you program that thousands of new and seasoned health coaches have already used with massive success!

Buy it, brand it, launch it and sell it in just 3 weeks.

Click the play the button to watch a 2 minute video about the cleanse program.

Save up to $500! Early Bird Pricing ends in…

“I have enrolled over 500 people in my cleanses and brought in well over $50,000 in revenue. Just follow Amy’s protocol.”
– Amy Marzluff

“I don’t have a big list, and I would have been thrilled to get 6 people to sign up. At 17, I’m ecstatic!
– Jeannine Moran

“I signed up 23 people for my first cleanse. Thank you, Amy!”
– Christina Johnson


Cleanses are the Easiest & Most Effective Way To Get New Clients In The Door, Build Buzz Around Your Health Coaching Practice & Fill Your Higher-Priced 1-on-1 and Group Programs

Here’s why cleanses work so well to grow your health coaching business

Cleanses Are An Easy “Yes!” For Potential Clients
Cleanses are low cost and don’t require a huge time commitment. This makes them a great way to get new clients in the door and give them a taste of your services! After realizing how incredible they feel after the program ends, many clients will be eager to continue working with you and interested in signing up for your private coaching programs!


Cleanses Are EASY to lead
Nervous to put yourself out there and start coaching? Don’t be. With our done-for-you program, all you have to do is follow the steps exactly as they’re laid out for you and watch as the testimonials and success stories roll in. How good will transforming your clients’ lives (with ease) make you feel?


Cleanses Skyrocket Your Confidence As A Coach
Gone are the days of feeling imposter syndrome. After launching your first cleanse program and hearing all of your client success stories, your confidence as a coach will skyrocket and you’ll feel like a true professional. Your clients and those who follow you will take notice which will have a ripple effect on your entire practice.


Cleanses Leave Clients Wanting More
Think the relationship ends when the client completes your cleanse? Think again! After your program ends, you can (and should) transition interested clients into your higher-priced, one-on-one coaching program for additional support. It’s much easier to enroll a client who already has experience working with you than it is to enroll a cold lead or stranger.



You can relaunch your cleanse multiple times a year to keep a consistent flow of new clients coming through your door!


Unfortunately, Creating A Cleanse Program From Scratch Is Almost Always a Nightmare!

  • Are you ready to design eye-catching visuals, take amazing food photographs, and write a stellar cleanse program, all while trying to be an actual health coach? OF COURSE NOT! But creating a program from scratch requires these kinds of skills (or paying a team of people to do it for you).
  • Creating your own program from scratch takes a LONG time. All the time and energy spent on creating a cleanse program from scratch could be used for actually getting clients! We’ve tracked it, and creating your own program takes at least 160 hours of dedicated time.
  • You pour your heart and soul (not to mention your time, money and energy) into creating your very own cleanse program…only to have no one sign up because you didn’t have time to promote it. I hate to bring it up, but it happens. Your time is better spent marketing your program than creating it!
  • Aside from creating your own program from scratch, there’s also all the marketing elements that need to be created. Even if you have all the time in the world, do you have the desire or skill to write and design an enticing sales page, effective promotional emails, and social media graphics? Creating these pieces can take 40 hours – or paying a professional copywriter and designer thousands of dollars.
  • Developing your own effective cleanse requires a level of knowledge and understanding that can only come from years of experience. Sure, you can spend hours upon hours researching and studying and attending webinars and workshops…but is that really growing your business?

Let’s be real – you became a health coach to work with people, not to sit behind a computer screen.

You CAN offer a program that jumpstarts your business without sitting behind a computer recreating the wheel.

At Marketing for Health Coaches, our goal is to make building your health coaching practice as effortless (and fun!) as possible for you.

That’s why we carefully crafted the industry’s most comprehensive, high quality and professional done-for-you cleanse program that you can buy, brand, and launch without having to stress over creating it and question whether it’s going to perform.

With our ready-to-launch cleanse program, there is NO need to spend weeks researching and writing your own program, creating recipes, taking photos, and hiring designers, developers and copywriters!

You can launch your cleanse in as little as 2-3 weeks (instead of 3+ months) with our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse!


Why Now Is The Perfect Time
to Launch Your Cleanse Program

Seasonal health jumpstarts are the perfect offer at any time of the year, but especially perfect and in high-demand right now.

Let’s talk about why.

Over the past few months, we’ve all been coping with the chaos 2020 has brought with it.

Some of us are handling it just fine, but many of us aren’t.

✔︎ Increased social isolation
✔︎ An abrupt change in daily routines and work schedules
✔︎ Kids at home who need homeschooling
✔︎ Parenting kids who are struggling to adjust to “the new norm”
✔︎ Some gyms, businesses and parks still closed
✔︎ And fear of the unknown

…has led many to experience stress, anxiety, weight gain, and depression.

It’s also caused many to binge-eat, consume more alcohol, slack on physical activity, watch more television and make poor food choices.

That’s why, right now, more than ever, your clients are CRAVING physical and mental transformation, motivation, socialization, and guidance.

Right now, more than ever, your clients NEED what you as a wellness professional can offer.

Right now more than ever, people are supporting small businesses like yours, especially those that can serve them virtually and those that are health-focused.

For all of these reasons and more…

Now is the PERFECT time to launch your cleanse program and give your clients the health jumpstart they need.

“I exceeded my goals with 25 people in my first cleanse…
during the pandemic!”

– Tilghman Whitacre


Introducing the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program

Everything You Need To Market, Sell & Confidently Lead Seasonal Cleanses That Keep Your Health Coaching Practice Full All Year Long

Choose 1 Season, or all 4 Seasons

Works for a Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, or Whole Foods-Based Nutritional Approach

Includes a 7, 14 or 21-Day Whole Foods Program, a 7-Day Paleo Program, and a 7-Day Vegan Program for Each Season

All High-Converting Marketing and Sales Materials Included

Fully Customizable with Your Branding and Nutritional Philosophy

“Tech Made Easy” Trainings and Professional Support


The Best Part?

Buy It Once And Launch It Every Season To Keep a
Consistent Flow of Clients Funneling Through Your Practice!


See Why Other Wellness Pros Are Raving About the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse

“I’ve made 24K selling low cost cleanses!”

– Brooke Archer


“This program is the backbone of my business and I’ve enrolled over 40 people so far!”

– Monica Paz

“Offering these cleanses has increased my income, helped me enroll more private coaching client, and gotten me more word of mouth referrals!”

– Ivy Miles

“I enrolled 41 people in my cleanse and got the most amazing testimonials from my participants!”

– Nicole Garcia


“I have enrolled over 500 people in the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program.”

– Amy Marzluff

“Our clients are getting amazing results and we can’t wait to launch again!”

– Kenyatta Jenkins

“I enrolled 18 people in my first cleanse, 21 in my second cleanse, and signed on 20 of those cleanse participants into my private coaching program!”

– Gillian Crooks

“I paid for this with my first cleanse. I now have a business model that works!”

– Shirley Avis



What’s Inside the Industry-Leading Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program?

All of the Professionally Written and Designed Materials You Need to Lead Your Cleanse With Confidence


Cleansing-Made-Easy Guidebook
Educate, Excite & Empower Your Clients To Take Control Of Their Health

Ready to impress your clients and ensure they have the most transformational experience imaginable inside your program? Start them off on the right foot with our 25+ page Cleanse Guide that will walk them through everything they need to know to make the most of the program.

This Cleanse guide was created by a certified health coach and has been professionally edited and designed so that you can feel proud of the program you’re delivering.

Use the Guide as a tool for hosting a live kick-off call for cleanse participants, or hand it out and let your clients enjoy it on their own time.
$397 Value

Inside you’ll find:

  • Benefits of cleansing
  • How to prepare for the cleanse
  • Cleanse foods (what’s in, what’s out and why)
  • What to expect during the cleanse
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Whole Foods Recipes Created by a Whole Foods Chef
Impress Your Clients with Delicious and Satisfying Meals

These recipes get RAVE reviews from clients across the board! Because the recipes are so delicious, your clients will find this experience is about pleasure instead of deprivation, and they will love you for this!

From smoothies & salads to curries, soups and stir-frys, there’s something everyone will love and recipes for all levels of kitchen abilities.

Each season includes over 30 seasonal recipes created by a whole foods chef for over 100 recipes total. All recipes are gluten, dairy, soy, nightshade, peanut & sugar-free.
$1,497 Value

Customizable & Easy-to-Follow Meal Plan
Make It Simple For Your Clients to Eat Healthier

Each season comes with Whole Foods, Paleo, and Vegan plans. You can use the meal plans and recipes as-is or customize them in any way you like. Feel free to remove or replace ingredients and recipes.
$497 Value

Client Journal
Guide Your Clients Towards Success

To help your clients stay on track, encourage them to reflect on their cleanse experience by giving them this professionally designed Cleanse Journal.

Inside, they’ll find space for them to do a physical and emotional inventory, take a toxicity and inflammation quiz, journal about their cleanse intentions, commit to themselves, journal about their daily experience, and track their progress.
$97 Value

Easy-to-Follow Daily Protocol
Give Your Clients a Step-By-Step System to Follow

Stress, overwhelm and frustration are the last emotions you want your clients to feel during your cleanse program. Instead, you want to help make this experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.

You can do this with the help of our done-for-you daily cleanse protocol that walks your clients through exactly what to do each day so there’s never any question.

Give this to your cleanse participants as part of their handouts and/or walk through the protocol with them during a group coaching call at the beginning of the program to make sure all of your clients feel excited about what’s ahead.
$97 Value

Professional Food Photography Bundle
Make Prospects Hungry To Sign Up For Your Cleanse

As if your clients won’t already be excited about the amazing recipes described above, we’re including photos of each recipe, taken by a professional food photographer. Once your clients see how enticing the food looks, they won’t want to wait to dive into preparing the delicious recipes.
$1,250 Value

Guide to Reducing Toxins
Help Your Clients Get The Best Possible Results

When cleansing, it’s important that participants know how to flush toxins. In this guide we’re including a guide with tips and tools to reduce toxins in your body. This guide includes a variety of detox methods, none of which require fancy equipment or supplements. Your clients will actually ENJOY cleansing their body of toxins.
$97 Value

Kitchen & Food Preparation Tips Guide
Make it Easy for Your Clients to Eat Healthy

Newbies and kitchen pros alike will appreciate these simple time-saving strategies for preparing food during the cleanse.
$37 Value

Follow-Along Coaching Call Scripts
Lead Your Cleanse Group Coaching Calls With Confidence

Hosting calls with your cleanse participants is a great way to build a connection with them and motivate them to stay on track. With these follow-along coaching call scripts for 3 group calls, you can lead calls with confidence.
$497 Value

Pre-Written Program Emails
Guarantee Your Clients Feel Supported Throughout the Program

Encourage your participants with this series of 12 emails that you can send them throughout the program. The emails provide motivation, guidance for each stage of the cleanse, and tips. Easy-to-customize and strategically-written, these emails will make sure your participants always feel supported.
$497 Value

Plus Everything You Need to Market & Fill Your Cleanse Created By Our Team of Marketing Experts

You became a health coach to help people, not to become a marketing guru. That’s why the Ready-to-Launch cleanse includes everything you need to promote your program, taking all the guesswork out of the marketing process.

We’re giving you $3k worth of marketing materials that will save you 40+ hours of time.

Professional Sales Page Templates
Sell Your Program With Ease

Want beautiful and eye-catching sales pages for your seasonal cleanses that impress your audience and make you feel like the pro you are? We’re giving them to you!

With the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse, you’ll get a stunning and professionally designed Wix sales page template complete with high-converting sales page copy. The best part? You’ll be able to set it up with the click of a button.

Avoid spending hours writing and designing your own sales page or hiring someone to do it for you. The going rate for copywriters to write a sales page is at least $2,000 and web developers charge at least $1,000 to build a sales page.

Use WordPress? No problem! You can easily link to your Wix sales page from your main website on WordPress.

No website yet? No problem! All you need to sell your cleanse is the sales page and a payment processor like Paypal!
$1,200 Value

Social Media Essentials Kit
Stand Out On Social Media Like the Pro You Are

Show up on social media like the professional you are. With our Social Media Essentials Kit, we’re making it super easy for you to promote your cleanse on social media in a way that grabs your audience’s attention and gets them to take action!

No need to spend hours trying to learn to create eye-catching designs or spend $100s having a designer do it for you.

This package includes properly sized seasonal graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and you can use these on your business pages, on your personal pages or in your Facebook group!

We’re also sharing all of our secrets about when you should post, what you should post, and how often to post for maximum organic reach and impact so that you can build your audience, convert your social media followers into buyers and hit the sweet spot with your social media promotion. You’ll also learn how to use Facebook and Instagram Live to promote your program.
$297 Value

Attention-Grabbing Flyers
Build Buzz Locally With Professionally Designed Promotional Material

Interested in promoting your cleanse locally? With the Ready-to-Launch cleanse, you’ll get access to beautifully designed promotional flyers for each season.

Provided as easy-to-customize Canva templates, you can personalize your flyer and give it to local businesses who support your practice so they can spread the word.

You can have these beautiful flyers ready to print in minutes – instead of spending the better part of a day creating them yourself.
$197 Value

Sold Out Cleanse Promo Emails
Copy, Paste & Watch the Sales Roll In

Take ALL the stress out of promoting the cleanse to your list with these strategically-written, done-for you promotional emails.

You DON’T have to sit at the computer for hours trying to figure out what to say. This 6-email series is crafted by a professional copywriter and will grab the attention of your email list & make them eager to sign-up for your program. Professional copywriters would easily charge $1K for this series of emails but you’re getting them included.
$775 Value

Email Newsletter Article/Blog Post
Educate Your Prospects & Create Interest In Your Cleanse Program

Position yourself as an expert AND generate interest in your program with this engaging blog post. This article, “The Truth About Cleansing – 4 Big Myths Debunked”, will educate your audience and help motivate them to register for your program. Save yourself 5 hours and the stress of writer’s-block.
$150 Value

Professional Product Mock-up
WOW Potential Clients With Beautiful Product Images

Beautiful images can make a huge difference when it comes to promoting health and wellness programs. Entice clients into the program with a professional mock-up of the cleanse program that will make you look like the pro you are. The image is editable so you can customize it with the name of your program.
$197 Value

Tutorials to End Tech Overwhelm
Don’t Let Tech Stop You In Your Tracks

Being a “non-techie” should never hold you back from being a successful health coach. That’s why we’re giving you access to a range of technical tutorials that will help ensure an easy launch. You’ll save a ton of time not having to figure out all the tech bits yourself.
$150 Value

Easy-to-Follow Launch Plan
Enjoy a Simple & Stress-Free Launch That Works

Speaking of an easy launch…use the detailed launch plan that’s included to make sure you stay focused so you can have a low-stress & profitable launch. Coaches who use this launch plan save themselves from wasting time spinning their wheels wondering what to do next.
$75 Value

“I signed on 30 clients for my first cleanse and plan to relaunch it again soon!”
– Tammy Ruggiero

“I enrolled 41 people in my very first cleanse and 54 people the second time around!”
-Pam Yudko

“In my first year, I offered this detox 6 times and enrolled more than 75 participants.”
– Mari Carmen Pizarro

Plus, Get These Incredible Bonuses When You Buy the Bundle of all 4 Seasons During the Early Bird Period.

Fill Your Signature Program With Our Post-Cleanse Sales Script

Once your cleanse is over, the momentum doesn’t have to stop. This is the perfect window of opportunity to keep the money and clients coming in by offering a bonus post-cleanse 1-on-1 strategy session. In these bonus sessions, you’ll provide value and invite prospects to continue working with you.

Though it sounds easy enough, many of our health coaches get really stuck during these calls because they aren’t sure what to say and struggle to find a balance between having a conversation and selling the client into the next program.

So to help you nail these sessions and convert more of your cleanse participants into clients, we’ve crafted a script that you can follow.

This sales script includes specific questions to ask AND walks you through how to make the offer at the end. You’ll also learn how to create urgency with a time sensitive offer to get your prospect off the fence.

Worried this script will feel unnatural and icky? Don’t be. This script follows our soulful selling policy so that you never have to worry about turning your prospects off with yucky sales tactics.

$297 Value

Plan, Market & Lead Your Cleanse Like a Pro Mini Course

This mini-course is like the “Cliff’s Notes” for health coaches on how to launch a profitable cleanse. I know you don’t have loads of time, so I broke this down into digestible chunks. You can go through the whole course in 1- 3 days.

Module 1: Planning Your Perfect Program

  • How to determine the length of your program so it’s enticing to your audience
  • The sweet spot for pricing your program so it sells (and you make a profit!)
  • When your program should start – so you have enough time to promote your program and avoid “problematic” start dates that may limit enrollment

Module 2: Market Your Program Like a Pro

  • The 5 marketing strategies that actually WORK
  • How to fill your program, even if you have a small list
  • Plus, listen in as I interview health coaches who all launched successful cleanses

Module 3: Lead Your Program With Confidence

  • How to best support your participants – so they become raving fans who want to continue working with you (and refer their friends and family to you!)
  • Easiest ways to deliver the program (without fancy technology)
  • When to deliver group calls, if you are including them in your program
  • When to email your participants throughout the program to keep them engaged

Module 4: Going Out With A Bang

  • How to use your program to enroll participants into 1:1 coaching – or your next group program
  • How to gather feedback about your program, so you can improve it and make it even more powerful the next time
  • Easiest ways to collect testimonials from your participants that help sell your program when you launch it again
  • How and when to relaunch this program again, so it continues to bring in revenue

$397 Value

Ongoing Personalized Support

I know that having guidance and a sounding board is vital to your success. That’s why I’m including ongoing support so that you never feel stuck.

You’ll receive access to…

  • Monthly “Closed Door” Group Coaching calls with me where you can ask me anything you want about leading or marketing your cleanse.
  • A year of technical support, so if you get stuck at any point along the way, we’re right here.
  • Our private Facebook group where you’ll receive support from me and my team. Support starts as soon as you sign up. We’re on the Facebook group checking it daily Monday through Friday, personally answering your questions.

$497 Value

List-Building Made Easy

Most experts will tell you that the real money is in the email list, and they’re not lying!

While you can have a successful cleanse launch without a big email list, you’ll exponentially amplify your results if you work on building your email list throughout the year in between launching.

Not only that, but once you build your email list, it’s an asset that no one can take from you and you can leverage your list to sell out offers time and time again.

To help make this easy for you, you’ll get:

  • Professionally designed, high-converting and completely customizable Wix landing page and thank you page templates that will pack your email list with quality subscribers
  • Built-in sales copy suggestions so you know exactly what copy should go on each section of the landing page (no need to struggle with copywriting!)
  • A beautifully designed and completely customizable Canva lead magnet template that you can add your free gift content to
  • A list of top-performing free gift ideas for a wide variety of health coaching niches including weight loss, hormones, thyroid, anxiety and more. No more struggling on your own trying to figure out what free gift would perform the best and resonate with your audience; we’ve done the work for you!

$869 Value

Plus, Get This Incredible Bonus When You Pay in Full for the Bundle of all 4 Seasons During the Early Bird Period!

Professional Sales Page Setup

When you pay in full for the bundle of all 4 seasons of the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse during the early bird period, you’ll also get a bonus professional sales page setup by my team!

With this bonus, we’ll do all the technical work to set up this seasonal sales page for you. You pick the season.

Bonus includes…

  • Technical setup of sales page
  • Customization with the name of your cleanse, your photo, colors, and branding
  • Edits to the page so it speaks to your ideal clients

You’ll receive video tutorials on your member page that will make it easy for you to update your pages for the other seasons.

$900 Value

Get One Season or Save and Grab the Bundle of All 4 Seasons.

Save up to $500! Early Bird Pricing ends in…

Save up to $500! Early Bird Pricing ends in…


Immediately after signing up, you’ll get access to our member’s area where you will
access all of the cleanse materials, marketing materials, and the bonuses!

Why I created the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse program

Amy-L-photo-2Before founding Marketing for Health Coaches, I too was a health coach.

During my 5 years as a health coach, I became more and more drawn to the marketing side – and started soaking up all that I could learn about how to effectively get clients online and offline.

I then decided to merge my marketing roots with my passion for wellness by launching Marketing for Health Coaches, where I’ve helped thousands of health coaches and nutritionists successfully launch cleanses and detoxes that created momentum in their businesses.

With over 15 years in this industry, I’ve had the powerful experience of seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t.

When I started Marketing for Health Coaches, I was working one-on-one with clients to help them launch online group programs – mostly cleanses and detoxes.

However, I quickly realized how expensive it was for these coaches to launch their programs. For each launch, my team and I were custom designing banners and sales pages, writing and editing promotional copy, formatting program materials, and much more.

Coaches were typically spending $2,000-$5,000 to launch their programs.

This level of investment made sense for seasoned coaches with a following, because they were still able to make a healthy profit.

But then I thought about the newer health coaches, or ones with a smaller following. If they spent thousands of dollars launching a program, they might end up LOSING money in the end.

This did not sit well with me. I knew there had to be a better way for coaches to help more people by easily launching a program – while also making a profit.

That’s when I decided to create this Ready-to-Launch solution, where not only give you everything you need, but I take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do.

I have a knack for taking things that seem complex and making them easy to understand. Personally, I like to keep things simple, and that’s what I’m going to show you.

I care deeply about your success, and the success of all of our clients. That’s why I put my heart into everything I create – leaving no stone unturned.

Watch the Cleanse Success Story Bash

Get an Inside Look at How 4 Health Coaches Are Using the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse To Grow Their Businesses


Over 1,000 Coaches Have Delivered This Program With Rave Reviews!

“I signed on 30 clients for my first cleanse and plan to relaunch it again soon!”

Working with Marketing for Health Coaches has been amazing. They are very responsive, helpful and go above and beyond when it comes to answering questions and making changes.

I had a very tight timeframe to get my cleanse launched and they guided me step by step. They provided me with a detailed checklist and instructions and tutorials of what I needed to do to set up my campaign so that it would work seamlessly behind the scenes.

I have been extremely impressed and I have had several compliments on the look and feel of my website design and how professional it is. I signed on 30 clients for my first cleanse and plan to relaunch it again soon!

I highly recommend Amy and her team. They saved me tons of time and headaches and were instrumental in the success of my virtual cleanse!

– Tammy Ruggiero

“I ended up with 26 people in my first packaged program.”

I ended up with 26 people in my very first ‘packaged’ program and I don’t have that large of a list yet. Purchasing this solution taught me how a sales funnel works, how the pieces of launching a program work and work together, it was beautiful, the recipes are EXCELLENT and my participants are raving about this program.

– Angie Byrd

“One of the best investments in my business so far.”

Transformation is happening in my group, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the program, which is fully due to Amy. She thought of everything from A to Z. This was one of the best investments in my business so far. Thank you Amy and team. You guys ROCK!

– Deon Hall

“I enrolled 14 people in my very first program.”

As a new health coach, I was looking for a low-cost program that I could sell to start building my client list and generating trust with clients.

This ready-to-launch cleanse program is the most thorough I’ve bought. I’ve bought a couple of other jumpstart programs as well and they are not as good as this one.

I enrolled 14 people in my very first program and my participants had amazing results – including 5 people losing a total of 35 lbs!

– Jennifer McKee

“I had 87 people sign up the very first time I used this cleanse program.”

I purchased the program because I wanted to offer a cleanse to a group. I’ve led cleanses to large groups before, but I wanted to try this out. I knew I only had to sell 9 cleanses to cover my expenses so it was a no brainer for me.

I absolutely LOVED everything about it! I loved the organization of the emails and all the documents. My clients LOVED the recipes. I loved how user-friendly the cleanse was. The documents were so thorough and easy to use.

I highly recommend the cleanse solution. Amy’s team saved me hours and hours of work. I can’t even put an estimate on the hours it saved me. It was a matter of me leading a cleanse (with Amy’s material) or not leading one at all!

Thank you Dear Amy and Team for all of your help!

– Amy Marzluff

“Thank you Amy for creating such a useful tool!”

Seven couples total from my first 21-day fertility cleanse program are now pregnant!

I’ve offered the fertility program again – as well as a general Seasonal Cleanse.

I’m excited to now have 2 products that I can offer that will add tremendous value to my patients or even new clients I haven’t even met in person.

Thanks Amy Lippmann for a really valuable, versatile product and the opportunity to learn a whole bunch of new technologies!

– Elizabeth Cherevaty

“This cleanse has rocked my world in terms of making me finally get serious about marketing.”

I’m super excited to have committed to doing this. I was totally spinning my wheels in trying to create my own program and I am super impressed by this offering – thank you.

I’m still in awe at what I (we) have just pulled off. I went from being a bystander to a real live person who does group live calls. How awesome is that?

Thank you Marketing for Health Coaches! I have 12 in the group this go around and almost 200 people on my email list, and I had NO EMAIL list 2 months ago.

People are already asking when the next cleanse is. I’m ready to start on the Summer cleanse for 2015 and now I have business funds to pay for it.

– Caitlin Sundby Russell

“The materials are very user friendly and beautifully designed. When you purchase this, you can feel confident that you are putting out a high quality program.”

Nothing left undone. You receive the complete program, prewritten emails, and so much more. I love that I don’t have to write out a script for the calls with participants. This would have been a huge hurdle for me and it’s very helpful.

The materials are very user friendly and beautifully designed. When you purchase this, you can feel confident that you are putting out a high quality program. The content is straightforward and easy to read. There’s no fluff – which is how I like to deliver content.

The quality of the menu is top notch – making the experience positive for participants. I love that I can customize the materials, the length, and the name of the program.

– Kelly Zahoudanis

“The materials are beautiful and very well laid out. Everything is very clear and the recipes work well for a mainstream audience and a food savvy audience.”

There is something here for everyone.

I loved being given a transcript and for calls that I can lead during the program. It takes off so much pressure knowing that I don’t have to create this from scratch.

I definitely recommend this to any health coach.

– Karen Phillips

“The DFY Solution takes the guesswork out of creating a solid offering for your clients!”

This solution over-delivers with comprehensive tutorials, beautifully designed sales pages and templates and offers strategic advice for launching your cleanse.

Launch strategy and sales page development can run in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars so to have such a robust solution at a great value is awesome!

– Chivon John

“She’s put together a program that makes it easy for you to offer a program, with materials you can modify to fit your niche.”

Prior to investing in this program, I had successfully offered juicing and raw food based cleanses in person. I signed up for this program because I wanted to offer something simpler that would attract a wider audience, virtually.

I was drawn to this program because it made it easy for me to pull everything together, and the professionally designed sales page, promotional emails, other promotional materials and marketing strategies made it easy to draw people into the program.

– Ayo Hinds-Bankole

“One woman in my group lost 7 inches, blood glucose is down and she’s exercising daily.”

My cleanse group has had such great results!

One woman in my group has lost a total of 7 inches, blood glucose down to 99 (she could not remember when it was less than 100), acne disappeared, and her digestion is perfect – no more bloating after meals.

I did the 14 day cleanse along with the group and I feel amazing!

– Valerie McGinley

“Because this is a program that a health coach can make a profit off of, the cost of is an incredible bargain.”

The cleanse is an amazing value for the health coach that wants to offer a cleanse but just doesn’t have the time to create one from scratch or have the technical skills to do it all themselves.

I for one am not the most technologically savvy person. The instructional videos were extremely user friendly and thorough. I was able to create a sales page in a quick amount of time without having to spend hours designing it and learning all the technical skills myself. It probably took me at most an hour. You won’t have to hire out and you will be able to get all of the tools to create, market and sell your product by following the videos and guides.

Because this is a program that a health coach can make a profit off of, the cost of the program is an incredible bargain. It’s highly customizable, so you can still make it your own.

You will most definitely make a profit on this program as everyone out there is looking for ways to improve and clean up their diets. I highly recommend this program to any health coach looking to offer quality information to their clients and also increase their income.

– Tina Paymaster

Why Choose Marketing for Health Coaches’ Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Over Other Programs?

  • This program can be used for a variety of nutritional approaches, including vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, and whole-foods based.
  • It’s designed to be offered as a 7, 14, or 21-day whole foods program or 7-day vegan or Paleo program.
  • Use the materials as-is, or edit them to fit your unique approach & audience.
  • No copyright concerns! Feel free to add your name, logo & other branding elements.
  • You’ll be able to promote the program with ease. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you with a done-for-you sales page, promotional emails, social media graphics, and flyers.
  • You can have confidence delivering this program, knowing that over 1,000 coaches have delivered this program.
  • The professionally written and designed materials will make you feel and look like the pro that you are.
  • When your participants experience this powerful program, it will set you up as an expert in your field, so you become known locally and beyond.
  • Offering this program will allow you to bring in more revenue, while leveraging your time so you can help more people.
  • When you launch this program, you can sleep easy, knowing that you’re doing this the “right” way. We’re going to tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, and in what order.
  • Save countless hours. Instead of spending weeks or months writing a program and all the marketing pieces, you can focus on other areas of your business.
  • You’ll get out of technical overwhelm. We’ll show you how to set everything up yourself – so you can gain simple technical skills and increase your profits.
  • Once people get a taste of what it’s like, they will want more. This program will give you a way to enroll more people into your other programs.
  • At the end of the day, you’ll have confidence knowing that you were successful and have built momentum in your business.
  • With this offering, you’ll have an easy way to bring in revenue each season – and an easy way to funnel people into your other programs.
  • And you’ll have lifetime access to all of the materials so you ​can offer the program whenever you’d like.


Experience The Industry’s Leading Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program

You and I both know that you don’t want to offer mediocre programs.

Excellence is important to you.

You want great results – for your clients and your business.

You want to offer programs that are exceptional – that are high quality and have a big impact.

You don’t want to settle for anything less.

You value excellence so much that you don’t want to fail your clients like they’ve been failed by diets or health fads in the past.

Rest assured that our program is unlike any other out there (just ask any of the health coaches who’ve purchased it)…

Like you, our health coach clients have high standards.

They’ve shared with me that while they’ve looked (and sometimes even bought) other programs, our program is hands-down better quality than other programs out there.

Our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program gives you everything you need to create and fill a transformational cleanse, detox or jumpstart program.

There is nothing else out there that combines a customizable curriculum with a complete marketing plan to make your entire launch process smooth and FAST.

If you’re looking for a program that gets your clients results (and sets you up as an expert in your field) look no further.

The program is “down to earth” and presented in a way that someone who isn’t a health nut will understand.

The materials explain every piece of the cleanse – so participants can understand and are on board.

And the 30+ recipes we provide for each season are top notch. They get rave reviews from our health coach clients AND their participants.

All the marketing materials and copy we provide has been tested and proven to motivate potential clients to sign up.

And you don’t have to worry that the marketing is overly salesy. Everything is written by a professional copywriter and with integrity and the design has been created by a professional designer.

Not to mention that everything is editable – so you can make it your own. (Or simply add your name and use as-is.)

The Ready-to-Launch Cleanse is truly a business in a box solution that you can use to start shaking things up in your health coaching business starting TODAY!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have held nothing back in creating this offering for you. We want you to be blown away, and we’re giving you everything you need to pull off a successful launch. When you purchase this solution, you have 3 days to check out all the pieces that are instantly available to you on our member page. If within 3 days of making your purchase you find it’s not a good fit, email us at explaining why you weren’t completely satisfied by the program and we will refund your purchase.



What Others Are Saying About


marlyn-blog“Amy and her team walked me through every step of the process and I felt completely taken care of. The cleanse was a huge success. I have offered it three times, and over 350 people have participated with amazing results.”

Marlyn Diaz

headshot-2“My first launch was a huge success with over 70 women enrolled! For my first program, I was thrilled. The best part is that when I launched the program again, and enrolled 100 women, I had everything created!”

Amy Medling

j_meister-217x300“I filled the program (with clients I adore) and I have a waitlist for my next program.”

Jen Meister

Headshot_Carey_Peters-228x300“What stands out about Amy is how she brings together her deep knowledge of the wellness field, online marketing, copywriting, and product launch skills and experience.”

Carey Peters
Celebrity Body Health Coach
Co-Founder, Holistic MBA

staceyheadshot“I recommend Amy to my top clients, because she understands best-practices when it comes to online marketing, copywriting, and running a coaching business.”

Stacey Morgenstern
Co-Founder, Holistic MBA,

andrea-nakayama“Hiring Amy Lippmann was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. She’s helped me to launch more than one project off the ground in break-neck speed, tending to details that I likely would have overlooked.”

Andrea Nakayama,
Functional Nutritionist,,

SonjaD“This was a really great program and I feel that of all the money I’ve spent in my business, this gave me the best return on my investment.”

Sonya Dusthimer, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

headshotVIP-copy“I had my first 5 figure month after launching a new program with Amy’s help.”

Suzie Carpenter, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

robyn-vogel“In just one month, I went from having 5 people in my ‘21 Days To Love’ teleseminar series to having 18 — more than tripling my income!”

Robyn Vogel, Relationship Coach for Couples

s-gladish“As a recipe developer & self proclaimed foodie, the recipes look amazing! I’m a fan!.”

Samantha Gladish, Nutritionist & Holistic Life Coach

farah1“Thank you Amy for the GREAT content and support! I just finished the 7 day program and it went really well. I wanted to thank you for thinking of everything from A to Z! So helpful to know that all my bases are covered. I look forward to running the cleanse again in the new year!”

-Farah El-Hadidy